Common Questions


Is content even relevant these days?


This is a common question I get all the time. You may have heard having a well-written blog and website content is no longer relevant these days but the truth is that is only half true.

While it may seem people are only interested in videos, images, and apps than text on websites.

Without content, nothing makes sense on your site.

Images and videos don’t necessarily explain anything about what you are offering. Without consistent blog updates to your site, you will discover you are not ranking as well in search engines.

These reasons are why you need high-quality blog articles on your website. (and why content still matters.)


How will I stand out?

One of the best ways to stand out from your competition is to hire a blog writer. Well-written and useful blog posts will draw audiences to your blog and make them want to read, giving you the advantage. 

Many business owners never write or they write too quickly, or worse they give the job to a team member to complete when they have downtime. 

Writing content this way does not benefit your business. This is also why most websites do not rank well on search engines. 

In then end the business becomes irrelavant and looses customer loyalty. 

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Don’t have time to Write?


Running a business takes up a lot of time, and even though you want to get your ideas on your blog to reach your audience you just never get around to writing. 

You know you need to have fresh content on your website, you know it has been proven that having consistent content updates on your site will help you rank high with Google. Yet, this doesn’t mean you have the time to do it. consistent

By hiring a professional blog writer you can help you with all your content needs. 

A blog content writer will sit with you to plan out topics and ideas. Then we will make a plan to write them while you run your business. 

You’ll grow your brand and get the credit for great content. 

Ready to Work Together?

 Don’t have time to write? We are here to help!

Why Hire a Content Writer?


Let’s face it; most business owners don’t want to write/. They either don’t have the time to write, or they don’t know how to write in a clear, precise way.

Sometimes business owners will delegate the content to someone within the company to do when they have free time.

Businesses notoriously neglect content.

Content is essential to your business. Storytelling is a huge part of content writing, a marketing strategy that other sites or blogs do not take advantage of.

This is how a professional content writer helps you.

This is how Quills & Typewriters copywriting services can help you!

My job is to help you reach people and translate your message into words that make sense. I will do this through headlines, taglines, keywords, ads, blogs, news posts, product descriptions, and so much more.


We will help you find the right words for you!


When you work with Quills & Typewriters copywriting services, you can:

  • Call us or emails us with questions
  • Work with me, a professional writer
  • Build a custom monthly or quarterly package to suit your budget and nets
  • Keep the copyright of the content we write for you.


Contact us today to talk about website rewrites for your business; we’d love to talk! Reach out to us today to book a free consultation call and get started growing your business with new custom-written blog content.


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