If you have ever been to my lifestyle blog thoughtsfromafrenchgirl.com then you know I talk about a variety of topics. From motherhood, travel, self-care, and everything in between. Having a variety of things to write about is great for my lifestyle blog, however, when it comes to freelancing one really should try to narrow focus on one niche.

Your chosen niche doesn’t have to be a forever writing niche. You are free to change your niche or add to your niche as you continue to grow in your career.

Wait, let’s back up for just a moment and take a look at what the heck is a niche.

What is a niche?

Think of a niche as a topic. It is a focus on a particular topic that you are incredibly passionate about and skilled at writing. For example, taking my lifestyle blog where I write a lot about self-care, so much so that you might think it is a wellness blog. Self-care is a focused topic stemming from wellness.

Here is another example, let’s say you are great with finance, but that niche is too broad. So, you would need to look under finance to see what may interest you. Examples of this are cryptocurrency, financial planning, savings, etc.

Choosing a niche will not only help you focus on who you should send cold pitches to but will also help to attract potential clients. A potential client wants someone who is knowledgeable in their area, who can assist them with their needs.

Brands will seek you out because you will be able to help them with their needs. (Remember it is all about the client/brand’s needs). For instance, let’s say you want your niche to be horses because you love horses. When sending pitches, you don’t want to send an email to say a client who needs help with dogs. Nor would you expect them to choose you after visiting your site and the niche clearly stated on your website says, “I am a writer who specializes in horses.”

Getting into freelancing-finding your niche

When thinking about your niche, you will want to do some research. After all the reason many of us get into the freelance game is because we want to make money. Right? So, when you look at niches you should focus on the need for that content. Some niches are incredibly over-saturated, for instance, health and wellness are popular.

However, if you are passionate about health and wellness you can try researching a different angle you can fill.  Or if you are interested in technology then you could narrow that down further to IT, or coding.

When thinking about what you want to write about, I suggest you make a physical list. As with me, I know a lot about motherhood and the struggles involved with that, having experienced many of them myself. Motherhood is very broad, so I could narrow that down a bit further to something like parenting advice, or education and family advice. From there I could look online to see what is being looked for by doing a quick search.

Using that information, I could then decide if this will be profitable for me. While also keeping in mind if this is something that I want to write about.

I know that choosing a niche can be difficult but think of it in terms like this when you choose a niche you are helping yourself. As we talked about above, you want to be a writer, and you have special skills and interests. Use those skills, experiences, and interests to sell yourself as an expert. Make sure you do your research if anything to be well informed and to continue your learning.

getting into freelancing-finding your niche

Start Networking

After figuring out your niche you should begin writing pieces that you can use as articles to share in your portfolio. You can also use these to share on social media platforms to help you get your voice heard. Linkedin is a great place to be taken seriously and to show what you can do. On Linkedin, you can also network with other creative artists and with potential clients. I do suggest you keep this professional; you don’t want an inappropriate picture on your profile. You may not attract clients.

When networking on Linkedin, which you should do because it is a professional platform, be sure to introduce yourself to those to who you are trying to reach. You want to build relationships with them and eventually become connected enough to help steer you towards job opportunities.

Linkedin is a great place for networking but remember you must do so authentically. This is a place for you to grow into your career, not create as many followers as you can.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to clients in your area of expertise and offer to ghostwrite a post or provide them with a guest post. You may be asked to do a writing job for free, in which case ask for a testimonial that you can display on your website.

getting into freelancing-finding your niche

Even though Facebook tends to feel like an endless pit that sometimes doesn’t amount to anything, there are groups that are very supportive and offer communities. Joining a freelance group on Facebook could help answer any questions you may have or provide you with a lead.

Speaking of Facebook groups, I have created a page to help support other writers. Feel free to drop by and join! Quills and Typewriters Facebook Group

After joining groups or pages on Facebook be sure not to join too many. The whole idea of joining the groups or pages is to be an active participant.