Thinking about starting a business, but you have no idea how to have a life and a business? You are not alone! When it comes to a business that you run alone, how do you have a life and a business? 

Like anyone thinking about starting a business, I wondered how much of my life I would have to sacrifice to establish myself or even keep my company going. The amazing tidbit is you can build a business (from scratch) and still have a life.


By designing your business around your life.

You make commitments that fit into your schedule. Meetings that go around your obligations with your home life. After all, it’s your business and you make the rules. 

One issue most people face when it comes to running their business, is they don’t really hash out the fine details of running a business.

For weeks I struggled with creating a procedure plan, why? Honestly, I thought I didn’t need one, after all, I am the only employee so why do I need a procedure plan?

Turns out, after convincing myself, I created a well-thought-out procedure plan. I’m not saying this was fortuitous but consentingly I got my first client, and because I had the procedure plan I knew exactly what I needed to. (Which is the point of a procedure plan)

For my second client, I remained consistent, which is key in everything we do, and I managed to appear organized and as a girl with her head on right!

Keep reading how you can have a life and a business below! 


how to have a business and life your life

Choose a business you REALLY care about

When thinking about the type of business you want to create, you should think about what you are passionate about. Maybe you are fantastic at creating crafts, or like me, you love writing.

The next thing you need to think about is what can you do for a long time?

You don’t want to start something; you will get fed up within a few days or months.

Plus, if you don’t love it, the frustrating times will make it hard for you to proceed and succeed. Also, when you love your business, you will not feel like you are working. You will love doing what you are doing, and it with who.

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sole business owner

Create a plan


I love creating a plan. It makes me feel organized and helps me reach my deadlines more efficiently. When you create a business plan, you will know the overall direction. With daily, weekly, and monthly goals, you will know exactly what you need to do and be more productive.

Plus, it will allow you more time to live your life.

As you create your plan, don’t forget about marketing. Check out my post 10 Easy Marketing Ideas for you to Try.  


More ways to have a life and a business

1. Create your schedule around your life and the obligations you have to do for your kids or other family members.

When you do this, you will have a better idea of your work schedule.

With the lists/schedules and plan, you will be able to organize yourself more, thus getting things done while living your life.

I have read several blog posts from fellow writers who talk about only working four to six hours a day, which is pretty good.


2. Learning how to say no-this is a great skill to have. It will serve you well! When I first began, I did a couple of articles for free because I needed to build my credibility and get exposure.

When I felt confident with my skill and used my financials and business plan as my guide, I began to say no to free projects. It was time for me to get paid.


3. Don’t overcomplicate your business-Meaning the things you do daily are reflections of you, yes? If you spend hours creating the “perfect” social media post, ask yourself, did that benefit your business?

Especially if there was no engagement with the post or you only received three likes. How could you have spent your time better?

Remember, tasks don’t need to be more complicated than they are, and if you tackle things in steps and let go of being “to perfect,” you will be able to live and run your business efficiently.

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There is a way for you to have a life and a business. All it takes is a little work to get you where you want to be in your life and with your business.

By creating simple solutions and steps to help you get organized, you too will have a life and a business that you love. 


Comment below on how you created the business you love.