How to Truly be Self-Confident: 3 Simple Tips to Help You Get Started


Imposter syndrome, I’ll never get promoted I am no good, I am not good enough, my circumstances don’t allow me to make changes, right now. Does this sound like something you may have said either recently or in the past?

If so, you are not alone.  Many of us, especially those who have changed careers a few times until one stuck, don’t feel as though we are any good at our jobs. Even if you have had the education to back you up and/or had the training, you still feel as though you are a confidence trickster.


Even more so today many of us, especially women, are either struggling mentally or physically, having been thrown into a new type of working environment. Zoom calls made it difficult to hide our insecurities and highlighted our work performance.

Since the pandemic, we are beginning to evaluate the aftereffects of working alone with or without support many of us are left wondering if we are good parents, qualified for our jobs, or just able to do anything in life.

The truth is we are completely capable of all these things and more. All you need is self-confidence.

Importance of Self-Confidence


Information gathered from Harvard Gazette, B12 Journal,

Self-confidence is essential not only in our daily lives but also in our mental health. In a study conducted by the Harvard Gazette in 2020, 46% of women didn’t feel they were that great at their jobs and therefore didn’t put themselves forward for promotion.  

This is a big problem for anyone. The reason why you don’t feel you are good at your job is that we either allow negative talk to poison our minds, or we believe we every bad thing we have ever heard about ourselves. We all do it.

With solid self-confidence, you are more than likely to handle setbacks with ease and learn from your mistakes. Without self-confidence, you are likely to not want to try something because you don’t want to fail.

Having a good grip on self-confidence allows you to feel ready for life experiences, again without it you miss out on life.

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How to Truly Be Self-Confident: 3 Simple Tips to Help You Get Started

  1. Give yourself a pep talk!

Every morning when you get up, after you get your coffee, of course, tell yourself something positive. Perhaps you could review all the good things in your life that you accomplished. If you graduated with a BA or an MA then tell yourself how proud you are.

Those degrees are not easy and take a lot of work!  Or you could recall something you did that was excellent at work. “Great job getting that done.” However small the accomplishment congratulate yourself. In doing so you remind yourself that you are competent and capable to accomplish things.


2. Defy Your Imposter Syndrome

This is one nasty mental sabotage we often do to ourselves. Imposter Syndrome is when you downplay your accomplishments, and you are scared someone will discover you’re a fraud. One way to overcome this is to keep a daily journal, reflect on the day and the good things you have accomplished at work and in life.

When you are feeling as though you are a fraud look over your journal to remind yourself of your achievements. However small your accomplishments are, they are still accomplishments.

Be proud of yourself!

Examples of achievements could be something such as helping someone at the store, providing support to a co-worker, Finishing War and Peace.

Write down as much detail as you can so when you are feeling low about yourself you can look back and see that you are a valuable member of the team.

Sadly, often we don’t hear enough that we are awesome, so we have to remind ourselves. In doing so you are learning you don’t need someone else to remind you of that. While you’re complimenting yourself be sure to remember you are competent at your job and in your life!


3. Try Something That Makes You Uncomfortable

When you are an introvert, as I am, it can be overwhelming and uncomfortable to speak to strangers. To help you gain more confidence you should branch out and try something you feel uncomfortable with. 

Get out of your comfort zone!

This activity will allow you to expand your comfort zone and help you to understand that uncomfortable feeling prevent you from feeling more comfortable with taking chances.

Try something small, such as talking to a stranger, volunteering for a project at work that you normally wouldn’t, try a different kind of food.

When you feel ready push yourself to demonstrate how your potential with your job illustrates you are ready for a promotion.


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December 13, 2021

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