While many may think that it is crazy to have one blog let alone two, one has to wonder why take on the challenge of another blog? Isn’t it hard enough to come up with content for one blog? Then there is the social media factor to think about, will anyone even be interested in the second blog? All good things to think about. However, it has been my dream for so long to be a writer. All I ever do is write in a journal or on my computer stories, and advice I would tell my best friend. With that, I am excited about rebranding myself and building something wonderful while doing something that I love.

You see I don’t just love writing, I am obsessed with it. Writing for me, is that first love that you never got over. The one that got away and you can’t stop thinking about.

With writing there is just so much of the process to love, brainstorming, outlining, drafting and finally publishing. Oh, I almost forgot researching. To me there is nothing more exciting than getting up in the morning and working on my blog for a few hours before heading off to my job. (soon to be former job!)

When I first started blogging, wow a few years ago-we don’t need the actual number, I never thought it was going to be read by anyone.

If you are a fan of the Big Bang Theory, then you know about Sheldon and his three followers and how he gets so excited when someone actually reads what he has written. That’s me, every time someone would stop by my blog and read something I wrote, I got a little thrill rush through me.

But that was not enough to get me to come out of my shell, regardless of how long it has been internet is a scary place. However, the internet also has a bit of mystery to it as well. For instance, I don’t have to share with you what I actually look like, but I find that to be dishonorable.

My point is, when it comes to the internet, there is this invisible buffer between you and the audience. That invisibility makes people either really brave or really bold. For an introvert like me it helps push me towards my goal or writing.

Which brings me to my point, I am finally deciding to take the plunge and be brave and put myself out there. I can only say that I love writing so many times but that doesn’t mean that I do it on a daily basis for a living. I should!

Why I needed Rebranding?

Well, the answer to that is easy, I needed rebranding because on my lifestyle blog I write about life, and everything that entails. (fashion, children, food, self-care, the list goes on) I love educating, inspiring and entertaining people. But I wanted a site that only devoted to one thing, my freelance writing.

On this site my goal is looking for clients and creating a business I can be proud of. Not that I am not proud of my site, thoughtsfromafrenchgirl.com , I put a lot of work into that blog and I love it. I just want more.

This rebranding process is me, with out the masks and the guise of my lifestyle blog. Here I am Christina, not ?Thoughts from a French Girl. I am a freelance writer, blogger and content creator.

What can I expect on this New Site?

I am so incredibly excited about starting this business and this site. So much so that I am nervous just writing this blog post. The reason I am writing this post is because I want to give you a breakdown of what you can expect from this cozy website. Here is just a bit of what I am incredibly pumped about:

  • Better, more valuable content:  Blogging: I usually like to post two times a week but on this website I will post less frequent. I plan on posting about once a week, depending on the topics I am going to cover and how much research I will need to complete. Each post will be longer than my lifestyle blog, they will include more details on freelancing, as well as my journey to become a freelance writer.
  • A narrower focus: Again, unlike my lifestyle blog my focus will be limited to writing and anything that pertains to writing. This blog will be more simpler, and trimmed. My categories will be more specific as well, to make navigation easier.

This is not everything I have been thinking about, I am creating more plans and schedules as I am writing this blog post! I am so excited that I have finally pushed myself to jump off the ledge and do what I have been dreaming about since I was a little girl. I am not going to lie this feels so scary but good at the same time!

I thank you all for joining me on this wonderful journey and I hope that I can help those of you who are interested in experiencing the freelancing world.

I’d love it if you subscribed or dropped by and said hello once in a while. I have a feeling this is going to be a bumpy but extraordinary ride.