If like me you wondered if you should create a freelancing website, when you already have a blog, then thank goodness I am not alone. For a long time I struggled with creating an “author” website, or this “freelancing” website. After a bit of research and of course time on my hands, (cause we all have loads of that laying around). I realized it would be really smart of me to have a freelancing website. I’ll explain all the reasons why!
should you have a freelancing website?
When you decide to take the plunge and create a freelancing side hustle you will want to have a website of your own for the obvious reasons, it is where you can demonstrate what you can do and highlight you. Plus you can showcase some of your work. Of course a blog is perfect to demonstrate your researching skills and your ability to interact with audiences both on your blog and on social media.

Freelancing Website is Not Just for Your to Display Your Goods!

Your website is also a place where potential clients can come to and discover all about you. I am sure that you may have worked incredibly hard at getting your BFA or MFA or PHD In basket weaving but really no one cares, and they don’t want to see your resume. What people want to see is what you kind of writing you have created, and if you can help with a need they have. Your website will allow potential clients to learn about your writing style, the services you may offer and contact you for more information.

Use Your Site To Showcase Your Best Work

When you post something on the internet you want it to be your best work, right? You don’t want to post something that will harm you or your reputation in any way. I know the answer seems obvious, though sometimes we tend to forget how big the internet actually can be. Plus when you put yourself out there as a freelancer you want to stand out in a sea of other freelancers, you want to get that job, and in order to do that, you must put your best work on your site. A great idea is also displaying testimonials from previous clients or even comments from those who checked out your blog.

Your Freelancing Website is Always Working

Another benefit of having a freelancing/writing website is that it is never closed. Potential clients can look at your profile and website anytime they like even when you are sleeping. Think about it, someone clear across the world could be reading all about you and thinking to themselves, “This site is lovely, this person is incredible, I want to hire them!”





Your Website is a Great Publishing Opportunity

As a writer myself, there is nothing greater than having the power to publish my work and know anyone can read my articles. You have the power to publish and be as creative as you want. Create a blog to display your poetry or ideas, it is up to you.

I am not a huge believer that you have to 100% commit to a “niche” but I do believe that a blog allows your writing to shine!

Another huge win for you as a writer is getting to write every day. With your freelance website and new content you create you can create a writing schedule so you can spend a good amount of time each day writing.

There are a million different reasons why it is a great idea to establish your own website, so what are you waiting for? Starting a website is easier than ever before so I ask again, what are you waiting for?

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